Healthier Living


Farmers Market & HEALTHY EATING PRogram

By establishing innovative cooperative food purchasing and delivery programs we can overcome the current negative nutritional environment that so many low income families face. The goal is to create a dietary equilibrium. All to often food purchasing practices where low-income individuals depend on food stamp programs to purchase foods exist in “food deserts.” There is a scarcity of nutrition and the only places where  food stamps are redeemable are liquor stores, gas stations, convenience stores, dollar stores or other fringe retailers that typically sell very unhealthy food.

We provide low income families and seniors with nutritional choices (at affordable prices) that can replace junk food, thereby improving their ability to perform in school, work and life. With healthy nutritional options their well-being is enhanced while reducing the occurrence of both current and long-term health problems.

Financial Stability


Community MEMBERS have access to Financial Planning Professional services

We have several resources available to the members of communities to empower them to manage their money and plan for a brighter future. Working with non-profits, banking institutions and other COH stakeholders, it is our goal to provide a holistic approach to tackling the tough cards that poverty has dealt our residents. Through education, guided discovery and host of support systems, Communities of Hope is there to empower our residents to set goals for a sustainable future.  

Educational Success



We work in partnership with K-12, alternative education, community colleges and universities to provide our residents with the educational opportunities to succeed. Rather than the age old "a mind is a terrible thing to waste" narrative – our goal is to empower, engage and foster community through actively embracing knowledge. It starts with knowledge of self, and knowing that together we can all rise to the challenge of self improvement. There are programs for the young and adults alike. A lifetime of learning and challenging oneself to become better, sharper and more intellectually competitive is something we at Communities of Hope strongly advocate for.  

Strong Families


At COH we offer thousands of families in the communities we serve the opportunities through various onsite counseling programs. These programs range from marriage counseling, parental training, anger management, domestic violence support group, substance abuse, grief counseling, prenatal training, and early childhood development to name a few.