Spending With Purpose:
Creating an Engine of Social Capital That Powers Our Future

Today in many urban communities residents feel powerless to effect change. We believe, that's never been further from the truth. Truth be told, each dollar we spend has power to change our community. (E.g.)Our tax dollars fund the government. Also, we are the financial fuel that feeds the engine of every fortune 500 company. Consequently, no politician could run without campaign financing (that normally means corporate funding which is derived from our dollars). 

Simply put, our purchase power has the power to change the way business is done in our communities. By holding each business we support socially accountable. Thereafter, not only can we require better prices for services, & goods; but also to ensure that a percentage of each dollar we spend goes back to our community to do the work that is so desperately needed for our future success.

No more waiting on politicians with broken promises to foster change, or relying on ever dwindling grants & donations that dry up when the economy takes a downturn. No more. 

We must only listen to the rhetoric to know it's time for change. If both political parties claim the other is beholden to cooperate wealth, & we are the suppliers of that wealth; It is simply incomprehensible that if we our the fuel for our country's engine of prosperity that it is we who suffer most & wait idly by while the cycle repeats & our children are left holding the bag. But the choice is ours.

Let's start by supporting those businesses that support us.

So, please won't You help us make a difference today by supporting a 'Spending With Purpose' business. There's power in numbers. Purchase Power.


  • Communities Of Hope  secures relationships with local businesses that are willing to share a percentage of the net profits with the community in exchange for our support.
  • Communities Of Hope  works with local residents to establish support & do needs assessments to where the community wants the revenue to go.

  • Communities Of Hope  receives the revenue from the 'Spending With Purpose' businesses then disperses for community projects.